Chicken Eggrolls

These crispy homemade chicken eggrolls are better then any chinesse restaurant eggrolls. Everyone loves them in our family and they are gone in a blink at parties.You can substitute beef,pork,or turkey for chicken and omit meat for vegetarians.For best crispy results buy eggroll or lumpia wrappers in Asian market.
3 boneless chicken thighs grounded
1 onion finely chopped
2 carrots shredded
¼ cabbage shredded
2 bean threads ( soaked in boiling water) cut into one inch wide
25 sheets egg roll wrappers
1 egg whipped with fork
1 egg whipped with fork for the wrapper
soy sauce
¼ cup oil + for frying
Other optional ingredients:
string beans
Heat oil on med-high heat. Add chicken.Cook until slightly browned.Add onions and carrots. Cook until tender.add cabbage,soy sauce and bean threads.cook for a minute or two ,stirring the mixture. Add egg and mix it in.
Take one wrapper,place meat mixture on the lower corner. seal top corners with whipped egg and roll them up tucking in the two side corners. Repeat with the rest.
In a medium size frying pan, heat plenty of oil and fry them turning once until golden brown. Make sure to stand by because they  tend to burn fast.
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