Chicken noodle soup

This soup is light and very easy to cook.It is  best when made with homemade vermicelli, which I don’t make very often, so I usually buy thin egg noodles or vermicelli from European market.That’s the closest to homemade.

Whole Organic free range chicken( for best taste)
1 big onion cut crosswise to the middle
1-2 carrots peeled and cut in to thick rounds
1-2 bay leaves
egg noodles or vermicelli
chopped fresh dill


Fill a big cooking pot with water.Bring water to a boil.Rinse the chicken and place it in the boiling water.Add onion,carrots,bay leaves and about 1 tablespoon of salt (I use Himalayan pink salt, you might need more or less with other types).
Bring it to boil again and reduce to low. Cover with lid but not all the way.Let it cook for about 2 hours.check for salt and add more if needed.

Cook egg noodles in a separate pot with 1 tablespoon of olive oil added to the water. drain the water.
When the stock is ready,take out the chicken and let it cool a little.Take off the skin and pull the meat apart.

To serve (per 1 serving) Add some noodles/vermicelli and chicken to the soup bowl. Pour the chicken stock over noodles.sprinkle with chopped fresh dill and fresh ground pepper if desired.Return left over chicken and dill to the pot with stock.