Grilled Cheeseburger

Grilled Cheeseburger


4th of July is only few days away.And if you still didn’t make up your mind on what to make…How about a juicy restaurant style cheeseburger? In our family it became a Fourth of July tradition,because …what can be more American then a cheeseburger?!

Burgers are so versatile.There is many ways to make a burger with many different flavors depending on spreads,toppings,sauce,and cheese you will use. Portobello mushroom and blue cheese is my favorite. Adding portobellos to meat creates a juicier burger and blue cheese gives it extra flavor.If you don’t like blue cheese, you can add any other cheese or none at all.

If you want a perfect,juicy,and delicious burger…please follow these tips:

1.Dip meat into cold water for 30 seconds before grilling.(great tip from

2.Flip burgers just once on the grill.

3.Don’t over cook the meat (it will be dry)

4.Brush burgers with melted butter or oil.

5.Never flatten burgers with spatula.

6.Use fresh good quality meat.



2 lbs ground chuck or cross rib roast (or chuck mixed with sirloin)*

1 portobello mushroom or 5-6 white button mushrooms

blue cheese crumbled

salt and pepper

1/2 stick butter melted

*ask your butcher to grind it for you if don’t have grinder

Your choice of 6 buns (regular,whole wheat,thin, or none at all. Just wrap everything in lettuce for protein style)



equal amount of-


sweet dill relish


combine all ingredients


Lemon garlic spread-

3 tablespoons mayonnaise

3 garlic cloves crushed

1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard (optional)

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice or white or red wine vinegar.

combine all ingredients.


Any choice toppings:


red or white onions sliced

butter or iceberg lettuce



sauteed mushrooms

Dill pickles


American,cheddar,swiss cheese



If you have a meat grinder,grind the meat with portobello mushroom.You can also cut them into small diced pieces or use a blender to grind mushrooms.

Mix meat,mushrooms,salt and pepper together.

Form big 1 inch thick patties (apprx. 6-8 patties)

If the meat is cold,let it sit at room temperature for 20-30 minutes before grilling.*

Brush the grill with oil or spray with nonstick.

Dip patty in cold water for 30 seconds.Brush on melted butter or oil.

Grill for  6-7 minutes per side medium-well.On last 2 minutes of grilling add a slice of cheese.Set meat a side and let rest for 3-5 minutes.

Toast buns on the grill or pan.If you like you can brush butter or oil on the sliced side of the bun.

Add spread on one side of the bun,following with desired toppings and grilled patty.

* Burger patties can be prepared ahead of time and stored in the fridge until grilling.Let them sit at room temp. for 20-30 minutes before grilling.

**These Burgers can be pan grilled/fried with little oil if you choose not to grill.