Cold Summer Soup ''Okroshka''

”Okroshka” is a cold soup of diced vegetables and bologna combined with liquid like kvass, diluted kefir, or diluted sour cream and plain yogurt. It’s usually  served during summer hot weather days. My family favorite is with sour cream and plain yogurt, and sometimes with homemade kvass and mayonnaise added when serving.
3 hard boiled eggs diced
1 big  or 2 small russet potatoes cooked with skin,peeled and diced
¾ pound Russian style bologna diced (or regular bologna)
5-6 radishes cut in half and thinly sliced
½ of English cucumber diced
5 stalks green onion finely chopped
good amount of baby dill chopped
6 cups cold boiled water
2 ½  cups sour cream
16 oz plain yogurt or kefir
In a pot combine all diced and chopped ingredients. Add sour cream,yogurt ,salt and water. Mix well. Keep it cold in a fridge.