Fruit Kompot

Fruit compote (kompot)-6

Fruit Kompot is a Eastern European cold fruit punch drink. Seasonal fruits are simmered in a pot filled with water then cooled and refrigerated for a cool refreshing drink.Fruit kompot is a much better choice over store bought fruit punch that has artificial coloring,flavorings,and additives.If you want to be more on the healthier side…just don’t add sugar.

Fruit Kompot is very popular drink in Slavic homes especially during summer.It’s always good to have a nice refreshing cold drink on a hot summer day and its perfect party drink as well. I like to cook a big pot of it because it stores well in the fridge and we can enjoy this goodness for several days.

Summer Kompot-


(fresh or frozen)

Cherry plums or plums


tart cherries






any Sugar or sweetner to taste


lemon juice if needed to adjust acidity

As shown: cherry plums(alicha in Russian),strawberries,tart cherries,and nectarines.


Fall kompot:

Apples quarted


pear quarted

dried fruits

frozen berries

any sugar or sweetner to taste

lemon juice  if needed to adjust acidity



Place  good amount of desired mix of fruits in a pot.Fill pot with water and bring to a slight boil.

Add sugar according to your liking.let it simmer for about 30 minutes.

Add lemon juice if needed.

Let cool,strain to a pitcher,large jar or glass container and refrigerate.