Hello and welcome to Delights of Culinaria. My name is Nadia and I’m a wife to my best friend and mother to four precious children (1 boy+3 girls).

As a child I expressed an interest in cooking and baking at very early age. And growing up in a family of 13 children,I had passion and desire to cook and help my Mother in the kitchen. Watching her and working together then trying it myself at age seven.

I like to prepare traditional family meals and have fun experimenting something new.There’s nothing better than to experiment food with my own or others recipes,especially when the outcome turns out good and you make others happy with your result.

Coming from a Russian culture you will find a mix of traditional Russian/Ukrainian recipes as well as from other world cuisine.I like to cook using fresh ingredients and making everything from scratch. All of the recipes have been tested and approved by family and friends.So take a tour and hope you will enjoy as much as I do.


  1. Рада очень знакомству, извини буду писать на русском, мне так легче выражать мысли)) У тебя великолепные рецепты, фото завораживают, слюни текут!!! Я из Украины, сейчас живем недалеко от SF в городе Emeryville

  2. Hi Nadia! I ran into your blog and I love your recipes.
    I will be visiting often!

  3. Ayu Radchenko says:

    Dear Nadia, I’m from Indonesia, Husband from Russia. I just move to Russia now..looking for some recipes, I love to open your blog..it helps me so much…Spasibo…

    • Delightsofculinaria says:

      Ayu,Glad that my blog can be helpful for you.Indonesian and Russian cuisines are very different.Have fun cooking Russian food.

  4. Nadush,
    When I click on the widget in the right column for Foodgawker, it brings up an error-page not found?.

  5. Hello Nadia, so glad I found your blog through Pinterest, can’t wait to make some new recipes.

  6. I want to follow your blog. Is there a way to receive email notification whenever you post a recipe?


  7. Ziz'ka says:

    wow, you look great for being mother to 4 kids. Good job. I really like your blog, foo recipes, and your stove… Professional stove – my dream…. one comment: for your recipes (especially sweet) can you upload more pictures… Sometimes it helps to see how dough or cream should look like. Thank you

  8. Hey I love your prawn and cornstarch recipe ! But I dont fry with oil or butter right now . Is it possible to fry it in white wine ??

  9. Harper O'Neill says:

    Hey Nadia,

    My name is Harper O’Neill and I am reaching out on behalf of Thomas’ English Muffins and Bagels (http://thomasbreads.com/). We came across your Open Faced Sandwich with Salmon recipe (looks delicious!) and would love to pin it. Our legal team requires that we have approval to pin content. Are you OK with us pinning this recipe on Pinterest? We’ll credit your blog in the copy of the pin (and the pin will of course link back to your blog). Please let me know!


  10. hi nadia..i want to try your recipe for bread machine poppy seed roll..question:.can i use bread machine yeast..you don’t specify..and i’m used to just adding the ingredients to the pan and set for dough..thx Gail

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