Beef and Chicken Kotleti – Котлеты


This is a very common Russian/Ukrainian dish that has many variations.For best results,they are made from fresh ground meat such as beef,chicken,pork or turkey.I don’t cook anything with pork, and turkey is kind of dry for me, but it all depends what you like.
These are meat patties that are coated with bread crumbs then sauteed in oil.With breadcrumbs you can make your own(cut the bread in squares and dry them in the oven on 350 degrees,then pulse them in a mini blender until finely ground) or use store bought breadcrumbs like Italian,panko,or original.

1 lb. fresh ground beef ( I like to use tri-tip for this)
1 lb. fresh ground chicken (thighs)
1 onion grated
2 thick slices of bread
1/2 cup breadcrumbs
breadcrumbs for coating
salt and pepper

Optional Ingredients or variations :
1 tablespoon mayo
2 cloves garlic
1 peeled russet potato
parsley,dill,or cilantro

Soak sliced bread in milk,squeeze and drain.
Grind the meat.
Run soaked bread through the grinder .( If you are adding potato or garlic, then you can add it now to the grinder).
Add grated onion,salt,pepper and mayo(optional)
Mix well for a few minutes.Meat needs to have a little bounce to it.
Form the patties in to round or oval shapes.( you can make them medium sized or small ones for appetizer.)
Roll them in breadcrumbs.

On medium heat,heat a skillet  with plenty of oil about 1/2-3/4 inch from the bottom.
Saute the patties on both sides well browned.Repeat with the rest of the patties adding more oil if necessary.

This next step is optional.That is how my family likes them.

Slice half of onion in to thick slices.
Place them on the bottom of medium-large sized sauce pan.
brake apart 2 bay leaves and throw it in to the onions.
Add 1/2 teaspoon whole peppercorns.
pour 1/3 cup of water to the sauce pan with onions,bay leaf and pepper.
Fill the pan with sauteed kotleti,cover with lid and bring to boil.Reduce the heat to lowest setting and let in simmer for about 15 minutes.Serve with mashed potatoes,rice,pasta,buckwheat or eat it just like that.


  1. Your kotlety looks so good! I would have it just like that.

  2. Very nice – most unusual – mixing beef and chicken.

  3. These look GORGEOUS! I am sure they taste as delicious as they look. I like your steaming process with onions. I do steam mine, but without onions.

  4. Thank you all!

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