Caprese Salad with Mixed Greens

This salad is one of my favorites, With fresh mozzarella, sweet red tomatoes and aromatic smell of basil , Its just so GOOD!!! When we were in Italy on our vacation with my husband I ordered Caprese salad everyday for lunch and dinner, That’s how much I love it. On my salads (especially this one) I’m picky about olive oil. I like to use cold pressed fresh olive oil from Whole Foods or any other store that its available depends on where you live
1 fresh mozzarella cheese cut in ¼ inch rounds
1 tomato on Mixed greens such as spring mix.
the vine sliced in to ¼ inch rounds
extra virgin olive oil
balsamic vinegar
2 pieces basil leafs finely chopped
salt ( I prefer sea salt, or kosher salt)
fresh cracked pepper
In medium bowl mix together  salad greens , basil,  with 1 tablespoon olive oil  and 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar,add little bit of salt and fresh cracked pepper.
Transfer the Salad on to a flat serving plate. Arrange tomatoes and cheese on top of the greens (tomato,cheese,tomato,cheese ….so on) sprinkle with salt and pepper , and drizzle with olive oil.